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Ottawa Physiotherapy and Sport Clinics established its eighth location in the Stonebridge area in 2022. The team at the Stonebridge location has been committed to helping the Stonebridge community with all their physiotherapy needs to keep the people healthy and pain-free. Our team strives to work with their patients to get them back to living their best lives as quickly as possible. A group of specially-trained physiotherapists (our Stonebridge physiotherapy clinic team) is excited to offer patients in the Stonebridge area a range of services. We work towards long-term recovery, which is why we offer a variety of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services associated with lifestyle and activity. At Stonebridge Physiotherapy Clinic, we offer a variety of treatments to help improve your quality of life and daily activities. At Stonebridge Physiotherapy Clinic, our goal is to develop a partnership with you to address your healthcare goals. A thorough examination will allow us the opportunity to discover your current pain condition(s) and functional limitations to provide you with the most effective treatment plan. We take the time to listen to you to focus on your individual needs. To help you meet your goals, we can integrate many of our other services into your treatment plan to help get you back to living your best life.


The Stonebridge Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic provide a holistic and integrated approach to your physiotherapy journey to help you receive results. We work closely with any medical professionals involved in our patient's care to ensure that a holistic approach is taken. As a result, all parties are working towards a common successful outcome. We do this by balancing patient expectations with realistic expectations, getting to know the clients based on their goals and referring them to other organizations, and informing them of different options available to them along the way if we feel it would help. Beyond our clients' doctors and health care professionals, we feel very strongly about including our clients themselves in the process to ensure that their concerns and goals are heard and to be able to set realistic and clear expectations. We believe strongly that having both the physiotherapist and the client confident in their role will lead both towards the best possible outcome for them. The clinic aims to help each individual achieve their optimum physical function. We do this by assessing each patient and developing a treatment program based on their individual needs. Our exercises are designed based on the stage of recovery performed, both for rehabilitation and sport-specific purposes. Along with the treatment you'll receive in the clinic, you will often receive home exercises to help with your strength and conditioning. This will help assess your progress and recovery, advance your workouts and activity levels, and rehab accordingly. In addition, we develop exercise routines that our patients integrate into their daily lives to accelerate physio results and improve the long-term prognosis.

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We strive to ensure that our clients feel comfortable in discussing their concerns with us to make sure their expectations are being met. We communicate with each of our client’s doctors and other health professionals so that they are receiving the best, comprehensive care possible.

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Our goal is to be the finest physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation facility in Ottawa and the rest of the Ottawa area. The relaxed atmosphere of our clinics provides an ideal environment to recover from an injury and to improve function and quality of life.

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Our team at the Ottawa physiotherapy locations is partnered with our local area hospitals, universities, medical centers, sport physicians and orthopedic surgeons to provide quick access to care and open lines of communication in each individual’s respective health care team.

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